BetterCare Management Committee meeting – 2024

BetterCare Management Committee meeting – 2024
BetterCare Management Committee meeting – 2024

The next BetterCare – CA22152 Management Committee Meeting, scheduled for February 27th-28th, 2024, will be held in Frankfurt House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM), Frankfurt, Germany.

The BetterCare Management Committee Meeting is an important meeting that provides a chance for healthcare professionals, researchers, and other experts to gather to discuss objectives and deliverables, and determine the steps we can take together to make progress. The meeting’s objectives include shaping the working groups and assigning tasks to be carried out this year.
Participation in the meeting will be possible in person or online.


Tuesday 27th
9.30 am: Welcome MC members / Planning First Grant Period in Subgroups
12.30 pm: Lunch Break
2.00 pm: Continuing making Progress in Subgoups
5.00 pm: Networking

Wednesday 28th
9.30 am: Subgroup Presentations and Discussion
1.00 pm: Lunch and Closing the Meeting

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